Interactive Packaging is an interesting way to make product usage experience more fun and personalized.
It not only enhances the user experience but also makes the selection more useful. The entire experience adds value to the user rather than just using the product.

On the other hand Interactive packaging allows companies to gather the real consumer insight by interactive with the consumer at point of sale or point of consumption.

Interactive packaging helps brands and products “come alive” and give manufacturers and retailers new marketing opportunities, helping them address consumers in innovative ways and stand out from the competition.

With multiple technologies in use like sensors, inks, chips, we at Gopsons use the most innovative, economical and production friendly technology of printing. Our patent pending technology allows the integration at the artwork level only.

Verified using a smartphone, the Interactive packaging allows brands to interact with consumer in multiple ways by providing consumers important information on the packaged product or about the company in a new and entertaining way. Also, competitions, special sales, or promotions can be supported by multimedia content.

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